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November/December 2007
The Parsec system takes a different approach; instead of measuring the O2 flow by volume (ml), as the StaVin and Oenodev systems do, the control unit measures out the desired amount of oxygen by weight (mg) which equals parts per million. This method adjusts for the temperature and pressure of the gas; and Biagi feels minimizes the margin of error. The computerized systems also adjust for the back-pressure of the tank height and/or a clogged sparger. Parsec systems are available for one to multiple tanks - the new system at Scheid Vineyards (Greenfield, CA) controls 120 tanks.
While ceramic diffusers are available, Biagi recommends their stainless steel sparger. The 0.45 micron holes disperse extremely fine bubbles, and are so small that the wine can't siphon back into the control units.
Both the ATP Parsec and Oenodev systems have the capability to monitor the wine temperature, real-time monitoring via the internet, and will soon be wireless.
For more information, contact:
American Tartaric Products, tel: 707/ 836-6840,
While winemaking is based upon age-old traditions, the exciting part is that innovative techniques, such as microOx, are like adding new colors to a painter's palette. MicroOx technology allows the winemaker more control, new methods of developing and enhancing flavors, and an opportunity to correct some vineyard-developed problems. Like the initial use of oak chips and additives, as more and more winemakers discuss the technology, microOx will become an accepted winemaking practice.
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