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Controling the highs and lows of alcohol in wine Winter
FAQs about oak aroma Winter
Accurate oxygen management at bottling Winter
Meet a focused Riesling leader Winter
University of California, Davis – New environmentally aware winery Winter
Yeast’s impact on sensory quality of wine Spring
Niner Wine Estates – Green design for red wine Spring
Solar hot water – cost-effective solution for wineries Spring
Seven sins of safety Spring
Temporary employees – Most dangerous element in cellar health and safety Summer
Developing fruit-driven wine styles through use of citrate-negative malolactic cultures Summer
Influence of yeast strain selection on successful malolactic fermentation Summer
Performance of non-saccharomyces yeast during AF: Specific case of torulaspora delbrueckii Summer
Tips For Cellar Rats – How to get (and keep) a great job as a winery cellar rat or harvest intern (book excerpt) Summer
Yeast/bacterial co-inoculation in red wine Fall
Barrel-Aged Wines – Olfactory perception of oak-derived compounds Fall
Littorai – Building a gravity-flow winery in phases Fall
The Hogue Cellars – Impact of bottle closures on wine style/shelf-life Fall
Sequential inoculation with a non-Saccharomyces yeast and a Saccharomyces yeast Winter
Grape / wine marketing with new media, and return of the “Boomer” Winter
Wine pricing strategies in good times and bad Winter
Qualities of a great tasting room manager Winter
Wine market segmentation based on taste sensitivity Spring
Winning consumer share of mind Summer
Accessing real value in your compliance system Summer
How to avoid most common TTB audit issues Fall
Part Four – Perfect Storm: Predicting future trends and opportunities Fall
Identifying reserve–quality soils in vineyards Winter
Integrating canopy management with mechanization Spring
Inoculum detection to manage powdery mildew Spring
Lessons learned in California – Invasive insect species Spring
European Grapevine Moth, Lobesia botrana – Napa county experience and lessons, 2010 Spring
Defining sustainable viticulture from the practitioner perspective Spring
The Science of Grapevines: Anatomy and Physiology (book excerpt) Spring
Beyond sunburn Summer
Differential harvesting in winegrape vineyards Summer
Vine vigor affects fruit/wine chemistry Fall
Winery Equipment Winter
Vineyard Equipment, Supplies & Services Spring
Packaging Summer
Winemaking Summer
Oak Cooperage and Alternatives Fall
Professional Services Fall
Correct measurement of berry temperatures Winter
Reducing CO2, the real pollutant Spring
In defense of conventional viticulture Summer
Consulting Mission Impossible? Estimating wine quality before harvest Fall
Factors affecting wine closure selection Winter
Carbon footprint of glass packaging Winter
Figgins Family Wine Estates – Using heritage to create a brand Summer
Van Ruiten Family Vineyards – Redesign of flagship label reinforces perceived value Summer
Influence of back label text on consumer choice Summer
Distinguishing trademark from your geography Fall
Downside of green – Organic and conventional grapegrowing in 2010 Spring
Wholesale abuse of the Constitution Summer

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Limited supplies of back issues and reprints are available.
$10.00 per issue; $10.00 per article, including postage. Order magazines here. Please email regarding costs for non-U.S. mail.