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T-8 fluorescent lighting in fermentor rooms, casegoods warehouse, and barrel room reduces energy use by 58,215 kWh/year.
Four steel roll-up doors were replaced —two on the warehouse loading dock in 2008 and two in the barrel room in 2009. The original steel doors, all on south-facing walls, absorbed significant heat gain fromsun exposure. The newThermocore- 981, 12x12-foot roll-up doors have a foam insulation core and aluminumskin, reducing the heat load on the cool rooms.
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Tina Vierra
ordan Winery (Healdsburg, CA) embarked on several projects to improve the efficiency of their production facility, beginning in 2007. Tim Spence (Jordan’s director of facility operations) has replaced an inefficient refrigeration system, installed lighting retrofits, a new piping system, and newroll-up doors.
Resource Solutions Group (RSG, Half Moon Bay, CA) advises wineries in identifying energy efficiency improvements to existing equipment that help meet operational and sustainability goals, and to secure rebates offered by Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E, San Francisco, CA).
The RSG Wine Industry Efficiency Solutions (WIES) program was established in 2006 as a third-party program in PG&E’s energy efficiency portfolio, to offer no-cost services for PG&E customers including: energy audits, project analysis, implementation support, and financial incentives to help achieve cost-effective energy-efficiency measures, with quick turnaround on project completion.
Chris Pilek (WIES Program Manager of RSG) began advising Spence and his team on continuing retrofits at the winery in January 2008. The WIES program conducted a comprehensive energy audit of the Jordan facility, analyzing baseline equipment
conditions, making recommendations for upgrades, and identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption.
Efficiency projects at Jordan Winery
Re-roofing of the Jordan barrel room began inOctober 2007 andwas finished in early 2008. Crews removed two layers of roofing—the original roof andan 18-yearold roof addition, replacing them with four inches of ridged insulation topped with a “cool roof.” The white vinyl cool roof is heat-reflective to reduce heat gain.
28, 400-watt metal halide light fixtures in the case goods warehouse and 25 outdoor fixtureswere replacedwithmore efficient T8 fluorescent fixtures in 2008. Lighting retrofits continued in 2009 with 11 new fluorescent fixtures in the fermentation roomand 12 in the barrel room.All new lighting was placed on motion sensors so that the lightswill turn off if no one isworking in a room.
Pilek projected the annual reduction in energy use with new lighting at 1,200 kWh per fixture. Through the WIES program at RSG, Jordan has earned $7,380 in lighting incentives, and reduced consumption by 58,215 kWh per year.
The winery is reclaiming processwater for use on its landscaping. Spence’s goal for 2010 is to reclaim 2,000,000 gallons.
Six air-handlers atop the barrel room and five atop the casegoods warehouse, are key components of the energy-efficient new system.
The Smardt chillers are water-cooled and have magnetic bearings, reducing friction, energy use, and maintenance costs.