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FALL 2012
Bortolin carton erector
of bottles and can do so utilizing gripping, pick-up systems. At pick up of the bottles, the 36 tulip heads inflate for the pick-up cycle and deflate as they release bottles inside the cartons.
Low maintenance is standard with Emmeti’s self lubrication guides and supports, VULCOLAN sliding wheels and nylon transmission belts are used to reduce maintenance costs. The machine is easily accessible from all sides. The case packer has grease cartridges installed, to provide for automatic greasing of linear guides. This means very low maintenance and the cartridges last for at about two years. After two years, the cartridges may need replacement, at a minimum cost. Weight distribution is not a problem on the Emmeti case packer due to balance on the support column. This method eliminates concern about weight distribution of the load.
Bottles arrive from the table top chain conveyor to the Eagle case packer’s full container accumulation table and canalizing section. A set of fingers, fit onto channels, is designed to check the correct positioning of all bottles in the pickup section and detect if any bottles have fallen. If a fallen bottle is detected, the machine automatically stops.
The machine is equipped with a pressure release bar to avoid back pressure on the bottles during the pick-up cycle. Emmeti engineers have designed the system to avoid any contact between bottles and guides, thus avoiding any bottle and label damage after the pick-up.
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The pressure-sensitive applicator that is mostly servo-driven guarantees a supply tolerance of labels at the spender plate of +/- .05 mm. A sponge or brush pad then secures the label to the bottle. Auto splicing via end of the reel detection and an extended rewind system capable of storing up to three to four rolls of web material are available. Bottle table control is accomplished using a mechanical cam or programmable servo motor control.
Suppliers of p-s labels include Collotype Labels, Grigsby Label, and Metro Label. The p-s label web material (polyester) is recycled by SFT recycle.
Bortolin FOC 23/30 Carton Erectors (above) with a speed capability of 30 cpm have been installed on both lines. Flat cases are mechanically moved from the magazine to the forming area. In the forming stage, vacuum cups open up the carton; a reciprocation plate enters the carton for support and flap registration in order to glue and close the bottom flaps.
These machines form the corrugated shipping cartons and seal the bottom
flaps with hot melt glue. The machines operate efficiently and automatically only requiring manual intervention for placing carton blanks into the magazine of the carton erector. Adjustment for different size cartons is very quick and easy only requiring the turning of a hand wheel. Preventive maintenance is minimal, primarily lubrication, as there are very few wear parts.
Using brushless motors, the Continuous Bottle Dividers (below left) for Case Packers are designed to receive bottles from a single lane conveyor and divert them into three separate infeed lanes into the case packer area, keeping them in a single line to feed the case packer. The flow of the bottles does not slow or stop the conveying line.
Two Emmeti automatic Case Packers Model Eagle 100/3 (below right) have three gripping heads to pick up 36 bottles each cycle and deposit them inside three cartons (4 bottles x 3 bottles). The machine can be adjusted according to the best speed rate for all bottle sizes. Emmeti case packers are designed to accommodate a wide range
Bottle dividers ahead of case packer
Emmeti Eagle case packer