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FALL 2012
Bortolin bottle partition inserters
Emmeti supplied a carton conveyor inside the case packer that is equipped with a sensor able to detect the presence of the carton. Emmeti supplies a carton centering device in the case packer to ensure that the carton is in the right position during the loading cycle. If a case is missing or not properly positioned, the machine automatically stops. A sensor is installed inside the case loading section to allow the restart of the machine cycle only when the right number of cartons is in position. There is another sensor outside the case conveyor to stop the machine in case of any jams outside of the case packer.
The machine is equipped with an Allen Bradley PLC (Control Logix) and an operator interface Panelview 700+. Bottle speed can be adjusted with a threespeed selector pick-up arm, depending on the size and rate of the bottles.
Alpine spiral elevator
Two Bortolin MA 91/2 Bottle Partition Inserters (top left) are positioned after the case packer to insert solid board partitions into the cases at speeds up to 40 partitions per minute. Suction cups in the head unit remove a bottle partition from a hopper. A pneumatic device opens the bottle partition while being moved into position. The expanded bottle partition is inserted into each case. The cases containing bottle partitions are released and two empty cases are positioned
for the subsequent cycle. Inserting partitions after rather than before the bottles have been placed in the carton improves line efficiency and reduces label and partition damage.
Bortolin TVM2 Vibrating Belts, approximately six feet long with a production capacity of 80 cpm, are positioned after the partition inserter. These machines gently, vertically vibrate the carton in order to insure that the partitions are completed seated in the carton without any label or partition damage. Two frequency inverters control the vibration and adjust the belt speed.
Two Bortolin Mara HM High Speed Case Sealers fold and seal the top and or bottom carton flaps with a hot melt glue system. The machine is approximately 10 feet in length and has a production speed up to 60 cartons per minute. The Mara is extremely easy and quick to adjust and changeover.
Alpine Spiral Elevators (top center) are a vertical conveyor incorporated into the line, by Emmeti/Sipac, that is 15 feet 9 inches tall and transfers full cases of wine up a patented incline to overheard case conveyors, on the way to the case palletizer.
With installation of new high efficiency technology, the total packaging waste has been reduced by 5%, and energy costs have been reduced by roughly 20%.