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July/August 2008
IN 2008:
Alexander's Crown
Cabernet Sauvignon
Alden Cabernet Sauvignon600
Alexander Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sonoma County Merlot40,000
Sonoma County
Cabernet Sauvignon
IN 2009:
Knotty Vines Zinfandel18,000
Small quantities of Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, and Symmetry Red Meritage blend, are packaged in heavyweight tapered bottles.

Garvey's multi-lane Infinity table eliminates the need for additional operators in that area. "There are other ways to feed a case packer," notes Tony Palandrani (Garvey Pacific sales director). "Why spend money on a laner and an accumulation table when the Garvey Infinity can do them both for a fraction of the cost?"
Changeover between different bottle styles was another concern. Each Infinity table can be reconfigured for another size in less than five minutes with 100% repeatability. Changeover adjustment on the first two Infinity tables is done by loosening a series of hand knobs and moving a plastic guide into position using a bottle as a guide. No tools are required and the design is flexible enough to accommodate future bottle shapes within a predefined range determined at the start of the project.
Changeover for the third Garvey table, which divides bottles into three lanes for the case packer, is accomplished by loosening hand knobs and sliding stainless steel dividers into positions marked on an overhead channel.
Pack stations are also incorporated into the design of the second and third Garvey Infinity tables, allowing for manual loading
The third accumulation table collates bottles into three lanes to feed the casepacker without backpressure, an important advantage to running tapered bottles. It also has the added benefit of additional accumulation (600 bottles) to protect the rest of the bottling line against downtime on the casepacker.
or unloading of bottles during quality assurance tests, unlabeled "shiner" runs, or handpacking.
Rodney Strong Vineyards uses the three Garvey Infinity accumulation tables to safely accumulate tapered bottles, but also
was able to shorten the overall length of the bottling line, eliminate the need for a additional laning device, and make hand-packing easier.

[For more information on accumulators, please visit the Garvey Corporation website.]